How much is the ticket?

Check out the current prices here.

Can I pay the ticket with credit Card?

Yes, at Dock 8A Terminal 1051 Budapest, Jane Haining rakpart 8A kikötő

Can I pay with credit card at the Dock8A bar?

No, only by cash.

Where can I buy ticket?

  • On the boat at any departure point,
  • From our sales representatives in blue uniform,
  • Budapest Travel Agencies and Tourist Information Offices,
  • At partner hotels in Budapest,
  • Our Main Office: 1051 Budapest, Jane Haining rakpart 8A kikötő
  • Or book your ticket online.

Can I buy the ticket on the boat?

Yes, you can buy your ticket on board from our uniformed boat hosts/hostesses.

Are there any discounts for students and children?

Yes, we provide discount for students with valid student card. Children between 0-6 can travel FREE.
Our current prices see here.

I am a student in Brasil, Greece, Italy, Belgium... Can I buy a student ticket?

Yes, You can.

Are there any discounts for groups?

For bigger groups it’s possible to get discount. For further information please write us an email: or ask any of our uniformed staff.

Where is the departure place?

Vigadó tér, Dock 8A Terminal

Where are the boat stops? What is the route of the tour?

The route can be found in our brochures with all of the stops.

What is the ticket valid for?

The Hop on Hop off Boat ticket is valid for the Day and Night Cruises with unlimited use in 24/48 hours.

Where is the main office?

Our Main Office: 1051 Budapest, Jane Haining rakpart 8A kikötő

What are the working hours in your office?

Monday-Sunday: 10:00-22:00. (1 Apr - 31 Oct)
Monday-Sunday: 13:30-17:00. (1 Nov - 31 Mar)

Do I need to come to your office to purchase the ticket?

You can, but you don’t have to. You can buy it on the boat at any of our stops, at our tourist information points or any uniformed staff, on our website, at Travel Agencies and Tourist Information Offices.

Can I bring my pet?

Only small sized pets that can travel in lap at all times.

Can I use your service with wheelchair?

Yes, however this service only available from Dock 8A Terminal. We cannot guarantee barrier free getting on/off at the other stops.

Can I smoke during the cruise?

No, the whole boat is a non-smoking area.

Can I smoke at the Hop on Hop off terminal?

Only at the small dock outside.

Does the boat stop at the Margaret island in every round?

No, only during the day cruises: 10:30-16:30

Do You have Spanish, Italian, Greek, Finnish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian... audioguide?

No, we only have English and German.

Can I reserve a seat on the boat?

No, there is no seat reservation. For the boarding the guest standing in a queue at the waiting area. The sooner You are here, the sooner You get on the boat and chose Your seat.

Can I travel on the terrace for sure?

No, we can not guarantee that everyone has place on the upper open deck. The places are limited, the ones who arrive sooner can get on sooner.

What does "unlimited for 24h" means?

You can use the ticket for 24h from the first use. So You can come back the next day, or stay on our boat from 10:30-17:30,19:00-23:00😉

Do I need to keep the ticket for my return?

Yes, we can only let You back to the boat if You have the ticket.

The Hop on Hop off terminal is the boat?

No, that is just the waiting area with bar, terrace, and bathrooms.

Does the Drink&Cruise ticket contains drinks for 5500 HUF for unlimited times?

No, the 5500 HUF is available on Your ticket for 24h but can be used until the money runs out.

Do I need the ticket to get the drinks at the bar? (Beer&Cruise and Drink&Cruise tickets)

Yes, we can only give You the drinks if You have the ticket.

Can I have my drink on the boat as well?

We sell our tickets with the note: drinkable at Dock8A bar because not all of our boats has bars. Our hostess colleagues can inform You if the next boat has a bar or You should ask Your drinks at Dock8A.

If I buy a Drink & Cruise ticket, can I share my drinks with my pals even if they have Cruise Only tickets?

Yes, You can. For example, if smaller groups just want to drink 5 beverages, they can buy 1 Drink& Cruise ticket and 4 Cruise Only ticket.

+1 Why are the birds over the Elisabeth bridge are shining?

If You do not find out, You can have the answer at the boat.